A Voice for the Next Generation

Daniela Garcia is committed to be a bold voice for the future, with new ideas to solve today’s problems.

  • Being a champion for education reform
    • I’ve spent much of my time in public service fighting for better schools. Parents need more control over education decisions and more choices for their kids. I will continue to fight for ways to gives kids an education that prepares them for the 21st Century economy.
    • An entire generation of college graduates are saddled with debt they can’t pay for and degrees they can’t use. It’s unacceptable and I will work to ensure students know that 4-year universities are not their only option.
  • Fixing the roads
    • For years, politicians have dropped the ball on fixing the roads. They were part of the problem, but I’m focused on being a part of the solution. I’ve fought for over $100 million dollars in road funding for Ottawa County and am working towards a comprehensive and permanent solution to fix our roads and infrastructure.
  • Better Paying Jobs
    • I was one of many from my generation who had to leave the state to find work after graduating from college. I came back to Michigan to be a part of the solution to work on improving our economy where everyone has an opportunity for success. We need to keep taxes low so families can afford to not just live and work in Ottawa County, but have the dispensable income to enjoy their free time as well.
  • Fixing No-Fault
    • Car insurance bills are killing families. No-fault reform should guarantee that savings by insurance companies get passed along to rate payers to provide REAL relief. I will work to pass no-fault reform that lowers rates in Ottawa County – NOT just Detroit.

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